We have been working in partnership with the London Borough of Barnet to bring forward the regeneration of Grahame Park. In 2020 Barnet Council approved the outline planning application for the regeneration of Grahame Park and the concourse. This determined the total number of new homes as well as the building heights and sizes. 

Since then, we have started to build the first new affordable homes, known as Plot A, which are due to complete early in the new year.

Last year we received detailed planning consent for the next phase, known as Plots K & H, which are in the area to the South of the Concourse and which we are planning to commence construction in late 2024.

To ensure that Notting Hill Genesis can keep momentum, we have started to progress the detailed design of an additional three plots and aim to submit a detailed planning application (also known as a Reserved Matters Application) in early 2024.

This application will include about 450 new homes, a replacement Nursery, a Children’s Centre and new retail spaces along Bristol Avenue. 

We are keen to get resident's feedback and will hold a series of engagement days with you over the coming months so watch this space.

You can also submit your questions/thoughts/comments about the scheme – by emailing heybournepark@nhg.org.uk.

Consultation boards

Below you can view the current and previous consultation boards for the Grahame Park regeneration.

RMA2 consultation boards - December 2023

Here is the latest update on our plans for the next stage of the Grahame Park regeneration.

It includes a review of the progress we’re making to regenerate Grahame Park and a reminder of the approved masterplan and principles for change.

Below you can view and download our updated boards for the RMA2 consultation - December 2023.

RMA2 consultation boards 2023

Download our Grahame Park regeneration consultation boards for 2023.

Plot 9 consultation boards

Take a look at our plans for plot 9 – the area just opposite the council building on the corner of Grahame Park Way and Bristol Avenue. The proposal is to build a welcoming space for residents and visitors to enjoy a coffee, discover more about the regeneration and showcase the new homes and facilities, as well as allow space for community and enterprise activities and events.

RMA2 consultation boards 2021

Download our Grahame Park regeneration consultation boards for 2021.

RMA2 Consultation boards 2019

Download our Grahame Park regeneration consultation boards for 2019.