Feeling safe in your community

We want our residents to live in a safe, secure and comfortable environment, and we take reports of neighbour disputes, anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse and harassment seriously.

We also provide advice and support to our residents and work closely with local authorities, the police and other agencies to tackle any behaviour that's affecting the quality of life of our tenants.

  • Neighbour disputes

    Problems can arise when residents disturb one another, usually through making noise that their neighbours find unreasonable. This can lead to disagreements which can become worse and stop one or both residents feeling comfortable in their home. Read more about what to do if you're in a neighbour dispute.

  • Anti-social behaviour

    Anti-social behaviour, often referred to as ASB, can be any of a range of actions that cause nuisance or annoyance to another person. It can seriously affect those experiencing it and prevent them from feeling safe. Read more about ASB.

  • Domestic abuse

    Domestic violence is threatening or controlling behaviour, assault or abuse between partners or family members. It can be psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional. Your partner has no right to beat, or verbally or sexually abuse you or your children. Learn more about what to do in a domestic abuse situation.

  • Harassment

    Harassment is any deliberate act that interferes with the peace, comfort or safety of an individual or group because of their race, colour, religious belief, ethnic or national origin (racial harassment), their gender or sexuality (sexual harassment), their disability (disability harassment), their age, appearance or other personal attributes. Learn more about what to do about harassment.

  • Identity fraud

    In 2017 there were a record number of cases of identity theft with 300,000 cases being reported across the year.

    At Notting Hill Genesis we take the protection of your data very seriously with our digital channels (legacy Genesis) being certified by industry regulators as following best practice.

    When our operatives visit your home, they should always be carrying identification, and this should be visible for you to read.

    There are also steps you can take to protect yourself

  • Housing disrepair scams

    There have been reports that some residents are being contacted by claims management companies, encouraging them to make claims for disrepair in their properties. As a result of signing up to these claims management agreements, residents are being left in considerable debt. Read more information and what you need to do.