Occasionally, there may be problems with neighbours or household members that might stop you from enjoying living in your home.

Homes in and around London are often very close together so it is likely that there will be a certain amount of noise and differences in lifestyles. Problems can arise when residents disturb each other, usually through making noise that their neighbours find unreasonable. This can lead to disagreements which can become worse and stop one or both residents feeling comfortable in their home.

What you should do

In most cases, the best way to resolve noise or other neighbour disputes is for residents to speak to one another and agree on how all parties can act more reasonably. Often one neighbour will not realise that they've disturbed the other and an agreement can be reached quickly and peacefully.

If the problem gets worse, or you think it’s too serious to speak to your neighbour about, please contact your housing officer or PMO via My Account, who will advise you how to deal with the matter. However, we can only take action against a resident if the nuisance they are causing is very serious and so we would still encourage you to try and resolve the matter yourself.

How we can help

We cannot take sides in disagreements between neighbours and we'll consider what everyone involved has to say. We may suggest a mediation service becomes involved to help you find a solution that everyone accepts. If we feel that your council's environmental health department will be in a better position to take action against noise nuisance, we might advise you to contact them.

If nuisance or disturbance is causing serious annoyance or concern and happens regularly, we will consider the full range of legal options available to us to try and sort the problem out.

We are also committed to working with the police and local councils to tackle disruptive and anti-social behaviour which might affect our residents.

Read our domestic noice and neighbourhood disputes policy