I strongly believe in community, sustainability, and equal opportunities for all people and am confident that I can make a real impact as a resident member on the group board. Emma-Louise Stewart - Resident board memberResident voices group

The Resident Voices Group has been set up to act as representative hub where the resident involvement experiences are gathered and heard. It is the formal link between our resident involvement network and the Notting Hill Genesis group board. The group will meet quarterly to review feedback, and instigate service improvements working alongside the Involvement team, executive board members and directors. The group are made up of the Chairs and/or representatives of our established groups and projects as well resident board members and residents who sit on our committees.

The Oversight and Scrutiny Group

The Oversight and Scrutiny Group undertake different scrutiny reviews of service areas and work alongside staff to make recommendations and improvements. The group primarily look at Notting Hill Genesis’ performance information and recommends areas for further scrutiny. This is a fixed membership group with a resident chair. Please contact the Resident Involvement Team to enquire into any vacancies.

Governance Committees

Residents can also sit on our various governance committees. By doing so, residents will have the opportunity to engage with our board on topics such as strategy, budgets and risk management.

Please look out for any vacancies for these committees in Connections Magazine or the ‘Get Involved’ E-Bulletin.

Involvement recognition 

We welcome resident involvement and reward contributions through yearly prize draws, events, vouchers and more. Read our Resident Involvement Reward and Recognition policy for full details on how we recognise resident engagement.


Want to get involved?

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Ways to get involved

Resident Involvement Tour

Improve your community

From forming a Residents’ Association to taking part in an estate inspection or rating the quality of your cleaning and gardening contractors, or if you live in a street property, there are many ways in which you can give feedback and improve your community and neighbourhoods.
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Join a group or forum

Currently there are a number of residents groups that meet to look at different service areas. Groups often meet three or four times a year face to face or online and have a fixed membership and chair.
Resident Scrutiny Panel

Take part in short consultations

Residents can also take part in one-off activities. This is a flexible opportunity for residents to have their say and help improve services without necessarily committing to attending regular meetings. Often this can be done remotely over email, by survey or for those without access to digital services, we can work with individuals to support them to get involved.