Our new resident involvement and engagement model is now in place, supporting our commitment to work better together for residents. Under the new model, residents will have opportunities to get involved in a variety of ways from task-and-finish scrutiny projects related to a specific topic such as sustainability or damp and mould, one-off projects or consultation as well as more local engagement activities such as Residents Associations, regional forums or joint inspections.

This work will be overseen by our new resident forum, and you are now invited to apply to be part of this group.

The resident forum will be in place to strengthen the voice of residents and communicate with Notting Hill Genesis staff and residents. The Resident Forum will be led by residents, for residents, with a diverse membership from across our communities, including our resident board members, one of which will chair resident forum meetings.

The resident forum will have three roles:

  1. To improve the flow of feedback from residents to board and vice versa.
  2. To recommend service improvement projects informed by the scrutiny of performance data and resident insight and feedback.
  3. To provide oversight and assess the impact of the Resident Involvement and Engagement Programme.

Fundamental to the forum's success will be to ensure it is representative of our diverse communities. We would therefore welcome applicants representing all of our tenure types, geographical location as well as age, ethnicity, gender, those who identify as having a disability as well as sexual orientation. We would encourage all residents to apply, whether you are involved with us already or not, and you will receive free training and support.

What we expect from members

  • To attend at least six meetings a year and to sit for two-year period with an option to reapply for an additional two years
  • To frequently communicate with members and staff outside of these meetings
  • To prepare for all meetings in advance by reading relevant paperwork
  • To on occasion act as a ‘resident lead’ on a task and finish project
  • To act as representatives of your communities and ensure that resident feedback is heard and acted on
  • To always adhere to the terms of reference of the group as well as the Resident Involvement Code of Conduct

What members can expect in return

  • Access to any free training, develop personal skills and receive other support required to fill out your role
  • The opportunity to participate in meetings in a way that suits you (i.e., in person or online)
  • Recognition for your time in the form of shopping vouchers in line with our policy
  • Expenses for travel and childcare/carer costs in line with our guidelines
  • The opportunity to engage and challenge Notting Hill Genesis staff on the most pressing issues for residents informed by the scrutiny of performance
  • The opportunity to shape service improvement project work and be kept informed of progress and impact

If you think you have relevant skills, passion, experience, and time to be part of this exciting group, please fill out this short application form. Applications will be assessed by members of the Resident Involvement and Engagement Team and will shortlist based on applicants response to Question 5 and 7. Any shortlisted residents will be invited for a follow up informal interview with the resident involvement and engagement team and the board member and chair of the resident forum.

Please complete this application by Friday 16 August 2024. For any questions please contact a member of the resident involvement team at involvement@nhg.org.uk or 020 3815 0367

i Please refer to any skills, interests or experiences that you feel may be relevant. Maximum 400 words.
i The group is likely to require commitments such as attending meetings in person and/or online throughout the year, reading materials in advance and scrutinising information. Please specify any additional barriers or support required to carry out these sort of requirements (e.g., seen and unseen disabilities, digital support, caring responsibilities or other skill gaps). If none, please state.
7. Do you have a conflict of interest which could affect your position on the residents forum (e.g., personal relationships, employment, involvement with other groups, business interest). *
i This includes active formal complaints against Notting Hill Genesis, being party to legal proceedings against Notting Hill Genesis or the subject of active investigations by Notting Hill Genesis (i.e. a breach of tenancy agreement).
8. If you are unsuccessful in applying to be a member of this group, would you like to be contacted and kept informed about other involvement opportunities at Notting Hill Genesis? *
Tenure type *
Please can you confirm which gender you identify as? *
Please can you confirm us which age category you fall under? *
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