Utility dispensation

We have submitted an application to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) seeking permission to dispense with the consultation regulations for the agreement of energy supply agreements.

Having submitted this application, the FTT has issued directions which require us to provide a number of documents related to our application which are available here.

These documents are:



  • A copy of the FTT directions received and the cover letter
  • A copy of the further set of FTT directions and cover letter
  • The bundle submitted to Tribunal of all relevant documents for use in the determination of the application, containing all of the documents on which Notting Hill Genesis will rely.


FTT decision

The Tribunal has reviewed our application and decided to grant dispensation to NHG on terms. Here is the full decision along with any further update related to this decision.
Leaseholders’ appeal rights can also be found here.