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Residents are at the heart of shaping our services. There are many ways for you to get involved and help improve services for all residents.

Browse these opportunities below or talk to your officer.

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  • Residents' association

    A residents' association is a group made up of local residents living in a particular area. It plays a part in dealing with problems at a local level, as well as organising activities such as social events and finding ways of improving the local area.  It represents the views of its membership and local residents to their landlord, the local authority and any other relevant agencies. 

    Want to set up or join a resident association?

    • Read some handy tips in our RA good practice guide
    • Find out more by reading our RA Toolkit
    • Complete our survey to help gauge local views
    • Read and sign the RA constitution when ready to form your RA
    • Already constituted? Download, complete and send in this form each year to inform us of any changes to your RA
  • Local task and finish

    These are short projects for residents within a block, development or street to solve a local issue they have identified, for example anti-social behaviour. We’ll work with you to come up with solutions and recommendations.

  • Resident monitors

    As a local volunteer, you’ll monitor and assess the quality of estate services carried out by our contractors for where you live. This involves using text messages to rate a range of services from gardening to cleaning.

  • Local forums

    Local forums identify at a local level issues that need wider examination. The meetings and discussion topics are publicised in advance, and you can attend regularly or just one meeting if you prefer. They are topic-based, about local housing management services and can look at a variety of issues identified by local residents such as repairs, complaints or antisocial behaviour. These forums are open to all residents.

  • Task and finish (general)

    These short, projects are for you to solve broader issues across the organisation which have been identified by local groups. You’ll work alongside our staff to come up with solutions and recommendations.

  • Health and disability group

    This group was established to discuss accessibility and inclusion for Notting Hill Genesis residents, covering areas such as disability and mental health.

  • LGBT forum

    The Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, Transgender forum meets quarterly to discuss matters affecting the LGBT community for Notting Hill Genesis.

  • Focus groups and specialist requests

    Take part in reviewing a policy, testing new products or technologies or help us recruit new contractors for services provided to residents.

  • Online polls

    Take part in our online surveys, polls or questionnaires. These are a great option for those who want to quickly and easily share their views, and who may not have time to attend meetings.

  • Resident oversight and scrutiny group

    A group of up to 12 residents who provide in-depth reviews of service areas and oversee the ongoing task and finish projects.

    Members of this group will serve for between two and three years.

    Interested? Find out more or sign-up now by emailing

  • Resident services committee

    A group of residents who report to the Group Board who ensure that a quality service is provided to residents. They consider feedback from resident scrutiny groups about service delivery and monitor the effectiveness of our resident engagement activities. They also make sure there are opportunities for customers to be involved in NHG’s governance. While this group is no longer being recruited for, you can find out more about how they work, by emailing

    Read the latest meeting minutes

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