Your chance to discuss LGBT+ issues

The residents’ LGBT+ forum offers our LGBT+ residents a chance to get involved and discuss issues which matter to them.

The meetings are held online via Zoom on a quarterly basis, usually on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm. They last an hour and a half. Anyone who is our resident can join.

We recognise and reward residents who actively take part in involvement activities in a range of ways, including:

  • Regular events to say thank you for your time and involvement
  • We offer shopping vouchers to residents who have played an active part in task and finish projects and other one-off exercises that involve a substantial investment of time such as procurement exercises and complaints reviews
  • Shopping vouchers of between £10 and £20 will be offered for each eligible project and will usually be emailed to residents upon completion. Where possible, the value of the reward will be stated when residents are invited to participate. Where residents have committed a significant amount of time and added a lot of value to a project, additional rewards may be given as a thank you. Any vouchers offered are in addition to expenses. The value of vouchers will not negatively impact residents in receipt of benefits.
  • We hold twice-yearly prize draws with three winners where all involved residents who have completed ad-hoc involvement activities are entered. The draws take place in June and December. Winners receive vouchers of different value.

We will recognise the contribution of our involved residents by:

  • Taking all comments and suggestions into consideration
  • Reporting back when action is taken in response to recommendations made and explaining where changes haven’t been agreed
  • Regularly communicating and promoting the achievements made by our residents
  • Providing training and support for residents who would like to gain new skills within their role, either within NHG or using external providers
  • Funding places to external conferences (such as CIH,TPAS) for our involved residents, especially if it may assist residents in their involvement roles
  • Providing reference letters for employment opportunities

If you'd like to come along to the forum, email the resident involvement team on and we'll let you know more details. You can also get in touch with your Housing Officer or your Property Management Officer by logging in or registering for My Account