Winter Volunteering Fair held at Grahame Park

In partnership with Colindale Communities Trust, we work hard to provide opportunities and events for local residents.

Whether you’re looking to get into work, meet new people, or just make a difference to a great cause, volunteering can provide great opportunities to develop vital skills and experience.

At Grahame Park in December we hosted a Winter Volunteering Fair at our Community Centre, filled with 15 different charities and organisations working within Barnet. These included: Citizens Advice Bureau, Barnet TV, Colindale Foodbank, Volunteering Barnet, Westminster Drugs Project… and many more!

We were thrilled that around 100 people attended the fair, many of whom signed up for new volunteering opportunities. The event also provided local organisations with the opportunity to meet and share their services.

Following the success of December’s fair, we are looking forward to working on similar events in the future and will share more information about these events in due course.

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