We've launched the Notting Hill Genesis Charter

In the last edition of Connections, we told you about the Notting Hill Genesis Charter. We have now launched these principles to help foster and maintain good working relationships between staff and residents.  

Last year, residents and staff began working together to develop a charter for Notting Hill Genesis. This project was commissioned by the Resident Voices Group – the representative hub of our involved residents. The project was in response to resident feedback and experiences highlighted in surveys, complaints, satisfaction data and other resident feedback.  

Residents and staff were invited to a series of focus groups to co-design some key principles and shared statements to adhere to.  

The Notting Hill Genesis Charter sets out how we will positively frame the relationship between staff and residents moving forward. It encapsulates and draws on everything we already uphold as an organisation, and lifts existing ideas and wording from policies, training, and our corporate values and expectations.  

By creating these shared ‘We will’ statements, residents and staff can expect the charter to help create a shared responsibility for maintaining positive relationships. Lesley Precilla, a housing operations manager who took part in the workshops said: “Having a charter with clear rules of engagement holds all parties to account. This can only promote a happier, easier, brighter future for everyone”  

The charter will be a visible document featured on our website, in handbooks and welcome packs. It will also be referenced in policies, sign up and during annual visits. 

Patti, one of the residents who took part in the workshops, said: “It has been a truly worthwhile experience. This Charter, I believe, is a new opportunity and commitment from Notting Hill Genesis to listen to its residents and respond to the ever-changing demands of a large housing association in a timely and efficient way. Going forward, I hope the charter will raise standards and, in turn, help meet residents' aspirations. 

If you have any questions or queries about the Notting Hill Genesis Charter, please be sure to contact your local officer for more information and support.