Want to help us improve? Get involved today!

Residents are at the heart of shaping our services at Notting Hill Genesis. We know there is always more we can do to improve and make things better for you, so we want to ensure you have as much opportunity as possible to work with us on the services that matter most to you.

Based on resident feedback from surveys, open online forums and resident involvement activities, some projects have been identified that we would value your input in:

Task & Finish – focused projects

Some short, specific projects such as improving the My Account online portal, how we collect and use your feedback, and how we recruit and train our staff.

Methods of involvement: focus groups, speaking to residents and staff, reviewing data and processes

Commitment: medium (more than one meeting/task in a short space of time)

Compliance & Complaints

The Housing Ombudsman has issued a series of compliance checks that we, along with other housing associations, should adhere to by next year. A number of these are specific to the way we involve our residents and how we manage complaints.

Methods of involvement: focus groups, email discussions

Commitment: low (one meeting/discussion)

Rents and Service Charges

A new virtual forum is being set up to help ensure we hear and act upon your feedback on rents and service charges. The group will meet online and communicate by email so we can work together to ensure the service and communication we provide is right for you.

Methods of involvement: virtual meetings, email discussions

Commitment: low (1-2 meetings per year)

Building Safety

An important topic across all housing associations, we would like as much resident input as possible on our work around building safety. We will soon be appointing consultants for undertaking fire safety services in our existing properties, and there will be opportunity to be involved at different stages of this process.

Methods of involvement: presentations, virtual meetings, email discussions and more

Commitment: medium – high (more than one meeting/task in a short space of time)

We are looking to start all of the above work before Christmas, so if you are interested in any of the above, to find out more or sign up please email involvement@nhg.org.uk.

We are always looking for more residents to be involved so please visit the getting involved page to find out more about our ongoing opportunities.  

To find out more about how we reward and thank our residents for their time and commitment, a copy of our rewards and recognition policy is available on request.