Together with tenants- where are we now?

In May 2021 Notting Hill Genesis became adopters of the Together with Tenants Charter. It was developed with the aim of strengthening relationships between housing associations and residents. You can see our previous updates here:

We’re Together with Tenants | Notting Hill Genesis (

Together with Tenants- an update | Notting Hill Genesis (

The charter was included in our Residents Annual Report, which was published in February. It’s been nearly a year since we adopted the Together with Tenants charter and we’ve continued to ensure we meet the commitments we signed up to. Here’s a snapshot of the progress made since our December update:


In the last update, we told you about a new charter being developed by our Hammersmith and Fulham scrutiny group. We are pleased to say the Notting Hill Genesis Charter has been launched to help maintain good relationships between our residents and staff. The charter is accessible to all here.


Residents are more involved in reviewing communications and ensuring key messages are delivered effectively. For example, our Rents and Service Charges Residents’ Forum have been sense-checking the letters and packs which are sent to residents showing their rents and service charge statements and calculations.

Based on resident feedback, two key projects have recently started, led by members of our Resident Voices group. These are focused on welcoming new residents into our communities, and our void and letting standard. Email the resident involvement team to find out more.

More regular performance information is now being posted onto our website, such as on the ‘how are we performing’ section for complaints.

The resident involvement team have recently completed a consultation with residents and staff and created a new webpage, toolkit and guidance materials for those looking to set up residents’ association. We’re also working on a staff pack to ensure local officers can support residents in the same way.

Voice & Influence:

We are still developing a resident involvement strategy for the next five years. Residents have been heavily involved in this work and the new strategy will be published in the summer. The new strategy looks to ensure resident involvement is inclusive, connected and measurable, so residents can clearly see the impact that their time and commitment has had on the services they receive.


The opportunities residents have to scrutinise and hold us to account are being reviewed and tested, and the terms of reference for our Resident Voices Group will be reviewed as the group approaches the end of its second year.


The Resident Asset Management Steering Group remains an integral part of the Resident Involvement Network and we are looking at ways to strengthen this link when developing the new resident involvement strategy. Most recently, the group have been reviewing statements from our Homes Standard, which defines the standard required of all existing Notting Hill Genesis homes and provides the criteria for future planned investment.

When things go wrong:

Resident complaint reviewers continue to be an integral part of our complaints process and will now have a representative on our Resident Voices Group to ensure that we are capturing as much feedback as possible from our residents.

My Account has now been improved so that residents can raise their complaints themselves and include all the details they feel necessary.

We are passionate about giving our residents a voice and to work together to deliver services and homes that residents can be proud of. Thank you to all residents who have worked with us over the last year, and who have been involved in helping to create our new Resident Involvement strategy, which will be published this summer.