Together with Tenants- an update

We informed you back in July 2021 that we had adopted the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants charter. We want to update you on how we are making progress against this charter to ensure that working with residents is part of our every day. Here are some key activities that have taken place:

Residents have helped to develop our own resident charter which will outline our offer to our residents and what we expect in return, focusing on our relationship and the way we engage with one another. This will be launched in the new year.
We published our Annual Standards Report in September 2021. 
Residents have recently reviewed our leaseholder sign up packs for new residents and updates are currently being made. 
A new resident-led project on ‘Welcoming new Residents’ will begin in January, focusing on the experience new residents receive when they move into a NHG home.
Voice and influence
A new resident involvement strategy is being developed for the next 5 years. Residents will be heavily involved in this work and the new strategy will be live from April 2022. 
Scrutiny is a large part of the new resident involvement strategy currently being developed. The opportunities residents have to scrutinise and hold NHG to account are being reviewed and tested as part of this. 
A formal structure has been put in place to ensure residents have access to opportunities to be involved in procurement processes. 
Residents are involved in piloting improvement works and ways of working in specific areas before testing the impact and rolling these out further. 
Our Resident Asset Management Steering Group remains an integral part of the Resident Involvement Network, and we will be looking at ways to strengthen this when developing the new resident involvement strategy. 
When things go wrong
A review of the complaints process is underway, and residents will be participating in this work in early 2022. Resident complaint reviewers and residents who have recently made a complaint had the opportunity to provide feedback in the early stages. 
Residents have played an important role in implementing the Housing Ombudsman’s new code of complaint handling, including ensuring the website is more accessible and our communications are clear and transparent. We have published a self-assessment to show progress.
We look forward to updating you more on our progress next year.