Terry's journey

Terry was a resident of ours for around 19 months. He volunteered to tell his story of his experience both outside, with one of our schemes and his progression thereafter. 
"Before being on board with NHG, I spent 18 months with my mother in Germany (I am half German, Dad was with the British Army). My mother was terminally ill and eventually sadly passed. I cared for her during that period. At the time I lived each day as it came.  After her passing came a moment of realisation - I had no home and everything was knocked for six: uncertainty, no self-esteem, no confidence, everything was overwhelming.
"So I returned to the UK and consequently was put in touch with NHG [in] Diss [Norfolk], the intention being to gain residency. This proved problematic for personal reasons but NHG overcame the barriers and I was accepted on board. At this point in time I was obviously somewhat depressed. I over-indulged to suppress all my negative feelings and as a consequence became very ill (alcohol was my release and massively excessive), to the point I was told by a senior medical professional: 'You will die, not in a year, a month, but possibly today if this is not addressed.' Quite a shocking but real remark. I thank them for this, it saved my life basically. All issues are now addressed. 
"NHG was very supportive but they only knew what I would tell them. Upon a moment of realisation I started to use all the support the scheme had on offer. Psychological problems/health/financial were all supported by the NHG team. If matters could not be dealt with internally, I was referred to external support and, if required, would be accompanied by my ‘key support worker’. His help was amazing, and in his absence other support workers would step in. They are all equally capable.
"So now I have moved on again. With the aid of the scheme, charitable organisations were sourced to aid in furnishing my new residence, and help in understanding the new financial implications was given prior to my departure.
"This is a new beginning for me and I could not have done it without the support I have had. The uncertainty, self-esteem, confidence and health is still not quite where it was but I am far further forward than I would have been had I had to go through this alone, so I thank you all and hope this gives others faith."
Terry’s support worker, Nick Reed, said: "The change I've witnessed in Terry is astounding, he truly is an inspiration. He's put so much work in (too much to mention) around his mental health, finances, rebuilding relationships with his family and friends and coping mechanisms in order to stay abstinent from alcohol.
"Today Terry has his own flat and is no longer living at the scheme. I have visited him at his new address, he's settling in nicely and is happy to have his own space.
"Just seeing Terry, smile, laugh and live his life reinforces that anybody can make a positive change in their life no matter the barriers.
"It has been humbling and I feel privileged to have played a small part in Terry's journey."