Support for Older People

If you are an older resident, there are many organisations that help older people in later life.

Age UK has 130 local centres across the UK that offer a variety of services, and over 400 charity shops selling a wide range of products. Age UK also offers Befriending services either by phone or in person to help combat loneliness, and has a confidential advice line open 24 hours.

Open Age runs 380 activities a week. There are centres, hubs, and free one-to-one confidential support (including career advice). Membership is free and you will receive newsletters and activity programmes, so you always know what’s happening.

Citizens UK is all about people taking action to make their communities better, fairer and safer.

Shine stands for seasonal health intervention network and supports families in fuel poverty by helping with bill discounts, grants, debt clearance and offering home visits from an energy doctor.

Lamb (Look After My Bills) is a free service that helps customers save money on their energy bills every year, automatically. It checks the best prices for customers at sign up and then assesses the market to ensure that customers always stay on the best deal.

Lamb can be used by all customers including those on pre-pay or fixed deals and those who get the Warm Homes Discount.

In addition, as an NHG resident you can benefit from our partnerships with local support agencies designed to help you with many areas of your life, from money and jobs to health and wellbeing.

Search the directory and filter by your home borough to find a partner that supports your need. From the directory you can send your details to the partner who will then contact you to arrange the next steps. Some partners can also help you get online and use the internet.

If you would like help to know what services and partners would be relevant to you, please contact your Housing Officer for more support.