Sheila bringing the laughs to older people’s schemes

The original #BusyLady – recording artiste, queen of home shopping and everyone’s favourite bingo caller – Sheila has been popping in for an afternoon of fun and laughter across our specialist older people’s schemes.

The pandemic has had a huge effect on older people, with many living in our extra care schemes having to relearn skills of daily living. This has meant some have become very isolated, or seen their physical and cognitive skills reduced through lack of activity and social contact.

To help get everyone up and out and re engaged we knew we had to something a bit different, a bit special and really good fun so we commissioned Sheila Simmonds from Woolloomooloo to give everyone a reason to leave their flat and come down to the communal areas, have a laugh, and of course play bingo.

It’s fair to say Shelia has not disappointed. She’s created lots of joy and laughter at every scheme she’s visited. Beginning with a rousing sing-along, great banter with residents and of course very funny bingo calling, it was a joy for everyone who joined in.