Safety matters

If you live in an apartment block with a communal area, you can request your fire risk assessment (FRA) through our website.
An FRA identifies potential fire related hazards within a specific building. It outlines the level of risk that potential hazards present and identifies suitable control measures. The aim of an FRA is to reduce the likelihood of fire and limit the spread if one does break out.
By March 2019 we had carried out FRAs on every one of our blocks and completed 99.4% of overdue high risk actions resulting from them.

How do I request my FRA?
If you would like to see the full FRA for your building, please complete a request form on the fire safety page of our website.

Please bear in mind that an FRA provides a snapshot of a particular building at a particular time. Issues raised can range from an item being left in a communal area by a resident through to structural issues we need to fix.

If you receive your FRA and have any concerns about your building, please contact us.