Residents and staff working together

Over the last few months, residents and staff have been working together on a number of projects, all aiming to improve different aspects of the services you receive every day. The projects are mostly decided by our Resident Voices Group, made up of residents representing the different involvement groups and activities, and residents who sit on our governance committees.  

Below are some examples of the improvements being put into action: 


Resident recommendations  

What will this mean? 

Building safety communications 


  • Joint development of the NHG Building Safety Resident Engagement Strategy 
  • Improvements to the language, tone and content of 6 building safety letter templates.  

Clearer, more consistent communications for residents regarding building safety.  


Tailored information depending on each building. 

Recruitment & training of local officers 

  • More structured handovers for new staff 
  • Temporary staff to access all systems and training opportunities 
  • Information on buildings and estates kept in one place and accessible 
  • More training on specialist subjects 
  • More information before start date for new staff 

More knowledgeable staff 


All staff have equal knowledge and access to learning 


New staff have more confidence and can help with enquiries straight away 


Resident & Staff relationship agreement 

  • New resident charter to outline expectations of staff and of residents when engaging with one another 
  • Creating a culture of mutual respect and understanding 

Set of principles created by staff and residents together, to be respected and adhered to, together.  



Annual Visits 

  • Publicising upcoming annual visits and giving plenty of notice 
  • Actions following an annual visit to be visible on My Account 

Purpose of annual visit is clear for residents 


Residents know what to expect during an annual visit and how to track any follow up actions.  

A big thank you to all the residents who joined these projects. Keep an eye out for more updates on the positive differences these recommendations have made! 

If you would like to be involved in work like the above, please fill out our expression of interest form

For ongoing opportunities, take a look at our resident involvement webpage.