Resident involvement - what have we been up to?

We have recently made key changes to the way we work with residents like you to ensure:

  • Involvement opportunities are more flexible and inclusive
  • Residents can still have their say without the need for a big time commitment
  • We meet our commitments as outlined in our Resident Promise
  • We engage with you more at a local level, updating you about key issues, upcoming improvements to services and to hear your views on any proposals.

Some of the key areas that residents have been involved with over the last few months have included:

  • Building a new complaints process
  • Integrating some of our policies that affect residents, such as Pest Control, Aids & Adaptations, Complaints and many more.
  • Making improvements to our customer services centre
  • Designing aspects of our new self-service customer portal (more information available soon)
  • Improving the accessibility of our offices
  • Helping to ensure communications like this are relevant to you, our residents.

As well as engaging with you on a more local level through estate inspections and helping you set up your own Residents Association, we have introduced a number of local forums across London. These are for residents to hear about positive changes to services, such as how we plan to manage repairs going forward and other improvements that we are making. The forums are also an opportunity for you to raise any outstanding issues you may have.

So far, we have introduced local forums in North and South London and in Westminster, but we are keen to reach out to as many of you as possible outside of these areas as well.

If you would like a forum to be held in your local area, or would like to join our mailing list, please contact the Resident Involvement team.

You can also contact us for the minutes or a summary of the feedback from any previous meetings.