Paying your rent in advance

When you signed your tenancy agreement, you entered into a legal contract with Notting Hill Genesis. This includes some promises around paying your rent, which means that if you miss a payment you could be putting your home at risk.

Paying your rent in advance is one of the most important promises in your Tenancy agreement, and you should make sure you understand exactly what it means.

  • When you pay your rent you must pay for the week or month ahead, not the week or month that has just passed.
  • Your rent account must always be £0.00 or in credit. If it is not, you have breached your contract.

If you have a weekly tenancy you can still pay monthly if that's more convenient. However, you must make sure that you are paying the whole month in advance and that you never dip below £0.00.

Please note, as 2019/20 has 53 weeks instead of 52, you must adjust your direct debit payments to reflect this.

More information about paying your rent