Keep your home running smoothly this winter

Two residents living in a basement flat in Moorhouse Road, Westminster recently endured an experience they wouldn’t wish on anyone. "It was truly shocking to wake up to sewage, up to our ankles, in our kitchen and living room. We had to leave our home so things could be repaired and put right. It’s an experience we won’t forget."

We’ve recently seen a big rise in requests to unblock toilet drains but the problem is often entirely preventable. Blockages are typically caused by inappropriate waste being flushed down and settling in the pipes including:

  • Wet wipes – even wipes that claim to be flushable should be disposed of in a bin
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds
  • Paper napkins and kitchen roll – these are made of tougher a material than toilet paper and often trap grease and food waste in their fibres
  • Plasters
  • Cat litter – this settles in pipes like sand and carries on absorbing liquid, expanding even more. Clay litter hardens when wet, becoming as hard as cement. 
  • Food – including bones, cores and peels
  • Fat, grease and oil – fats, especially those we cook with, clog together to combine into a build-up known as a fatberg
  • Nappies
  • Hair

If you flush any of the above out of sight, there’s a strong chance you’re not actually flushing it away. Keep your toilet waste to the three Ps – pee, poo, paper – and help you and your neighbours live comfortably and safely in your homes.