How you helped us improve the gas safety check process

We recently wrote about the process by which we carry out an annual gas safety check in all properties which have gas appliances. In the past, we received negative feedback about the warning letter we send to residents when they don’t respond to our initial request to arrange a gas safety check, which we’re required to carry out by law.

Our Hammersmith & Fulham scrutiny group members recommended some changes to the wording, tone and language used in the letter.

So far we’ve made the following changes:

  • We’ve focused on safety, making it clear from the outset why the letter is being issued and why the gas safety check is important
  • We’re using headings to break up the text to make it easier to read and understand what actions the resident needs to take

A letter incorporating these changes has been used since 13 July. The below chart shows a reduction in the number of complaints about the letters since that time, suggesting residents’ reaction to receiving and reading the letters has improved.

We still have more do to based on the panel’s recommendations, including:

• Using less jargon and adjusting the wording of the gas safety checklist to make it clearer

• Creating a version of the checklist which can be given to the resident to keep

Patti, the chair of the Hammersmith and Fulham scrutiny group, said: “As a member of the scrutiny group, I have seen first-hand how resident involvement has influenced Notting Hill Genesis to make changes. They took on board our suggestions and this has led to improved communication between NHG and its residents. Getting involved does lead to positive change.”

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