Grenfell Tower fire - information for residents

We appreciate that many residents will be worried following the tragic fire at the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington.

We take your safety seriously and are up-to-date on all fire safety inspections and assessments across all our properties. When issues arise following our regular inspections, we respond thoroughly and address all actions in relation to fire risks.

When you first moved into your home, you will have been given information about what to do in the event of a fire. These vary from home to home so you are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with those for your property. In blocks of flats, this information should be prominently displayed in communal areas.

Preventing fires from starting in the first place is clearly the most effective course of action. The London Fire Brigade’s website contains a host of useful tips and information, including fire safety leaflets, and we strongly advise that you take a look at that.

Although there is a great deal of speculation, there is as yet no confirmation of what caused the fire at the Grenfell Tower. There will be a thorough investigation in due course and we will address any recommendations that come out of that to ensure your ongoing safety.

If you have specific queries about fire safety in your home or block, please speak to your housing officer or property management officer

You can read more about safety in your home and looking after your home.

14 June 2017 update

Our housing teams have been working with residents as appropriate all day to offer support where needed following this morning’s fire in North Kensington.

We understand that there could be further evacuations overnight. If this happens, residents are advised to seek accommodation with friends and family or in one of the rest centres that have been set up locally. You can find out more about those centres and other useful information here.