Carnival fever at Elgin Close

Notting Hill was not the only carnival hotspot in West London during August. Earlier this month, NHG residents at Elgin Close, a supported scheme for older people, took part in their very own carnival.

Ably assisted by NHG’s CEO Kate Davies, residents enjoyed making masks and headwear with amazing results. Visitors were also treated to some classic Caribbean music, giving everyone an opportunity to share their memories of carnivals both at home and abroad. There were also handmade carnival costumes to try on and visitors had lots of fun sharing dance moves and teaching others.

The afternoon ended with a lunch barbecue, fruit punch and a live steel band which set the perfect scene for more dancing and a great opportunity to make new friends and share fond memories.

Murdo Maciver, Resource Centre Manager, said: “With around 60 people present, this is one of the most successful events we have had at the centre and everyone who took part, including customers who were invited from a local day centre, Nubian Life, had a fantastic day.

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