Building Safety – Let’s do this together!

As you may be aware, the government is introducing the new Building Safety Bill, which is currently at the final stages of progressing through Parliament before it becomes law. We anticipate this to be sometime early next year.  

The bill will regulate the safety of high-rise buildings – those 18 metres or more (which is approximately seven storeys above ground). All landlords in these buildings will need to have a dedicated building safety manager, to whom residents will be able to report any issues related to the safety of their building. 

To help shape the role of the building safety manager, we are running a pilot scheme. This will help us assess how this role can work alongside our existing efforts to keep our buildings safe and how we can best work together with you, our residents, to deliver what you feel is important in a role dedicated to safety. 

We are currently looking for residents who live in our high-rise buildings to form a working group to help shape our response to the Building Safety Bill. Its aims are to:  

  • Inform and challenge our work on the development of the role and functions of the building safety manager, plus other parts of the Building Safety Bill like sharing information with you.  
  • Contribute to the creation of an on-going resident communication strategy  
  • Represent resident stakeholder groups associated with the work to ensure their requirements and preferences are considered  
  • Comment and feedback on concepts and proposals during the testing/pilot phase  
  • Help raise the profile and significance of the building safety team within our communities  

If you live in our high-rise buildings and are any of the following, we’d like to hear from you: 

  • Leaseholder  
  • social housing tenant 
  • Shared owner  

The working group will meet frequently over a one-year period. The date, time and location will be determined prior to each meeting, and we can make any reasonable adjustments to accommodate any requirements you might have 

If you are interested in applying to be part of the building safety working group, or would like some more information, please contact Parris Litchmore-Bell, senior building safety manager.