A day in the life of an estates officer

Estates officer, Johir gives us a glimpse into a typical day of this challenging but rewarding role.

Why and when did you join Notting Hill Genesis? 

My admiration of [founder of Notting Hill Housing Trust] Bruce Kenrick’s work got me signed up. It all began with his fundraising and the drive to raise enough money to buy a home to house several homeless families. I initially joined on a temporary contract in September 2019 before I was offered a permanent role in June 2021.

What is your role? 

I am an estates officer. I am responsible for the management and upkeep of the land and property within the organisation. I support the teams in completing fire risk assessments, reporting health and safety issues, ensuring communal areas are safe and attractive, cleaning, inspections of internal and external communal areas and so much more.

What can a typical day look like? 

I typically start with the most important work first, like arranging the removal of combustible items from the communal area or electrical cupboards. But I can be pulled onto urgent jobs at any time like supplying emergency drinking water to residents or cordoning off an area for safety if there’s an emergency. Most of my days are spent out and about on different sites, so I’m not actually in the office much, but I enjoy being out in the communities.

What do you find the most rewarding? 

When I complete my tasks with perfection or when we achieve our targets as a whole team.

What are the frustrations? 

Witnessing residents who have a lack of storage space!

What do you do in spare time? 

I’m studying childhood psychology (BSc Hons) with the Open University. I also like writing kids' stories! I play the Indian bamboo flute, tennis, and enjoy hiking in the countryside.

Is there a situation that you were able to resolve that stayed with you?

Supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) to colleagues and care homes during the peak of lockdown was definitely an achievement. It meant a lot that I was able to help so they can safely carry out their duties and make sure residents were safe at such a difficult time.

One thing you would like residents to know about estates officers?

That we are here to listen and help you to make your building a clean and safe place to live.

Funniest thing a resident has said to you? 

I went to a property to carry out a fire risk assessment and the tenant thought I was the police trying to taser him! It was quite alarming at the time but looking back it’s something we can laugh about.