A day in the life of... a floating housing officer

In the second of a series of articles, we speak to various members of NHG staff from across the organisation about their role and what their typical day (or week) is like.

Owen Wiggins is a floating housing officer for our West London region.

What is your role?
As a floating housing officer, I differ from a regular housing officer in that I don’t have an assigned patch and I handle cases that are more complex and time-consuming than a regular housing officer has time to deal with. I currently work across two teams: in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea

How long have you been working at NHG?
I joined Notting Hill Housing as a housing officer for West Kensington in September 2016.

What can a typical day (or week) look like?
On Mondays I meet with contractors about current status of voids [vacant properties]. On Tuesdays we have a team meeting and we also see if there have been any changes to a housing management process or policy. I spend the rest of the week working through my cases and any repair disputes.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Project managing a case and seeing it through to completion, with the result that a resident is very satisfied and we’re all in a better position.

Is there a situation that you were able to resolve that stayed with you?
Winning the trust of a particular resident who was in a very dire personal situation and had issues with using the services being offered via NHG. Being able to help this resident resolve their problems was very satisfying.

What do you do in spare time?
I have two Scottish terrier dogs who take me for walks. I also love travelling and trying the local food. I also like meeting and socialising with friends (when we’re not social distancing of course!).

One thing you would like residents to know about housing officers?
We drink a lot of tea when visiting residents and we need a lot of patience in dealing with what can be stressful situations for both residents and staff at times.

Owen was interviewed by Colin Burns, one of our involved residents.

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