A better, more personal service

We’ve started to introduce a new way of working to make it easier for you to get in touch with us and give you a more personalised service alongside greater control online.

These improvements are a crucial part of the Resident Promise we made to you back in spring 2018. They will also help us provide you with a better and more responsive repairs service, which we recognise hasn’t been as good as it should have been for some of you in recent months.

What the changes mean for you
Once we introduce the new model to your area, you will have a named housing or property management officer who will be your first point of contact for all queries. Should your officer be unavailable, your call will be diverted automatically to our customer service centre.

If you prefer to self-serve, you can sign up to our online My Account service to report and track repairs, make and manage payments and receive notifications when payments are due to help prevent you falling into arrears.

Who’s covered so far
Following a six-month trial in Tower Hamlets, the new system is being rolled out in phases. So far, it has been introduced in Westminster and across our east region, stretching from Islington and Hackney to Havering within London, and then beyond to Essex and Suffolk. It went live in the north region in early December.

If you live in one of these areas, you should have already received a letter or email with further details.

How to contact us
If you live in Westminster or our east region and have been sent information about the new model:

  • Always use the 020 number for your housing officer, rather than their mobile. The 020 number will automatically divert to the mobile phone, but will also be redirected to our customer service centre if your housing officer isn’t available to take your call. This should mean that you can always speak to someone if you need to.
  • Sign up for the My Account service: details of how to do that should have been included in the letter/email from your housing officer.

Responses so far
So far, the response from residents has been positive with many saying that they enjoy having more control over their repairs and rent accounts.

One resident told us:

I have already received a call from [a contractor] about the damp patches; this has made me feel very happy that you are really on top of issues for me. It gives me a lot of confidence going forward.

In addition, our housing officers have been enjoying having more time to meet and help residents.

Future roll-outs
We will continue to roll out the new system to our north, south and west regions between now and
March 2020.

We will contact you directly when your area switches over and let you know what you need to do to make the most of the service.