Working better together for residents and demonstrating our social value

Our work to provide better services for residents, add social value to our communities and become more sustainable is outlined in two newly published reports.

As part of our usual trio of corporate publications we have released our annual standards report and environmental, social and governance (ESG) report. These sit alongside our annual report and financial statements.

The annual standards report concentrates on issues that directly impact those who live in our homes, demonstrating in more detail how we aim to work better together for our residents. It does this by providing a range of facts and figures showing our performance during 2022/23 in some of the areas that matter most to residents.

This includes how we’ve involved residents themselves in shaping our services and telling us where we need to change, alongside practical information about repairs and planned works, rent collection, and voids and lettings.

The ESG report sets out how we continue to provide genuine social value and explains how we are contributing to tackling climate change through the introduction of more sustainable practices. It demonstrates to our residents and other stakeholders the positive impact that we are making against those important themes, which are also reflected in our Better Together strategy.

The report provides performance data aligned with the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRSSH), published in November 2020. The standard covers 12 core themes and has 48 qualitative and quantitative criteria, which are identified as the core requirements to demonstrate strong ESG performance. Our report explains how we’ve performed against each of those criteria.

In both reports we’ve used case studies and quotes to provide more colour and bring the statistics to life.