Find out how we're raising standards

We have published our Annual Standards Report 2019/20 looking at how we are improving services and raising customer satisfaction.

The report discusses how we are meeting our Resident Promise, how we have supported our residents in difficult times, our complaints record during the last financial year and how involved residents are influencing the work we do.

Our customer satisfaction from the 2020 survey was 68.5%, up from 65.2% in 2018 and slightly above our target for this year. We know we still have a long way to go but the progress we’re making is positive, especially as the roll-out of our new housing model only completed shortly before the survey.

We have received positive feedback on the new housing model already and managed to include some of our residents’ comments in the report, as well as explaining how we are responding to the most regular complaints and how many of our residents’ complaints get escalated to the Ombudsman.

Comments from residents included:

I was dealt with by my housing officer straight away and was listened to.


She was helpful and could answer my questions. She also got my council tax reduced.

The report includes some inspiring features on how our local officers and welfare benefits teams have joined forces to support residents living through challenging times.

It also looks at our provision of new homes, how we are keeping our existing buildings safe, how many repairs we have completed and how much we are spending on planned works, as well as how we are supporting people into apprenticeships and employment through our regeneration projects.

Being able to report and track repairs using My Account has already proved popular with thousands of our residents and resulted in quicker repairs and a more convenient service. Comments have included:

Often with repairs they have to come back after a few days. With this repair so far, so good and I am happy.


It was easy for the first time ever to get my repair done.

If you haven't yet signed up for My Account, do so today.

Resident involvement is also a focus, highlighting the number of activities we have run, how many people have taken part and how their influence has made real changes, such as making our offices more Disability Discrimination Act compliant, involving residents in procurement and working together on a new Notting Hill Genesis Standard for Homes.

Finally, the report includes a series of quotes from our residents about how valuable this work is in helping them better understand the work we do, hear the challenges each other face and be able to challenge us on things that can be improved, including:

This is an enormous step in the right direction and has been a terrific experience so far. Being able to challenge senior staff and contribute to decision-making is precisely what resident involvement ought to be.