• Why has this change been implemented?

    We aim to ensure the main responsibility of the Insite Energy account lies with the leaseholder. Previously, your Insite account could only have one account linked solely to the current occupier in the property rather than the main leaseholder. This causes multiple issues such as a lack of clarity on whether the resident is a leaseholder or a sub tenant. By creating an account hierarchy system, we will be able to bill leaseholders as accurately as possible.

  • When will the change take place?

    During June 2020, Insite Energy implemented a new hierarchy system which allows for each property to have both a primary and secondary account. A reconciliation has also been done in collaboration with NHG to ensure all leaseholder details are up to date. If there are any account changes then these will be implemented and you may receive a welcome pack and information on how to use your Guru Hub in July 2020.

  • Will my heating/hot water be affected?

    This change will not affect your heating or hot water and you will be able to continue using your Guru Hub as per usual. The account change involves transferring all leaseholders to a primary account and any sub tenants to the secondary account.

  • Can I still use the same PAYG card?

    Yes, you can still use your existing payment card to top up your Guru Hub. If you are subletting, your tenant/s will also be able to continue using the card they currently have in their possession. You may receive a new payment card if an account has never been created since you moved in.

  • Will my PAYG card number stay the same every time my tenant changes?

    Yes, your PAYG card number will always remain the same regardless of the property occupier. Any tenancy changes will simply be reflected on the secondary account details.

  • Does the PAYG card number change if I request a replacement?

    No, the PAYG card is unique to the property so even if a replacement card is sent out to you, the number will be the same as before.

  • What if there is an existing tenant at the property?

    There will be no change for any existing tenant, they will be able to continue using their payment card as usual. Their existing details will simply be transferred to the secondary account holder level and your details will be moved to the primary account holder level.
    Your tenant will still be able to continue doing the following:
    • Make payments towards the hub
    • Provide meter reads
    • Request PAYG statements

  • How can my tenant pay?

    There will be no changes to the ways your tenant tops up the Guru hub. Any current payment methods or preferences they have will automatically be transferred to their secondary account. Currently top ups can be made over the phone, at Paypoint locations or by setting up an auto top up with Insite Energy.

  • How do I notify Insite of any tenancy changes?

    You need to notify Insite Energy whenever a tenant is moving in or out of the property to ensure they can amend the secondary account accordingly. Please notify Insite Energy as soon as possible once you are aware of any changes so they can action any changes as soon as possible. You will need to provide them with any new tenant name/s, telephone number, email address, start date and a meter read if available. You can do this by calling Insite Energy on the provided in the letter or contacting them using the online contact form.

  • Do I need to provide Insite Energy with meter reads?

    Meter readings from the hub are automatically provided to Insite Energy, however it is advisable to request meter reads from your tenants when they move in or out of the property in case of any potential meter issues.

  • What happens when my new tenant moves in?

    Once you have provided Insite Energy with any new tenancy details, your new tenant will be registered as a secondary account holder, be sent a welcome pack and a new payment card. The tenant will also receive a £5 welcome credit.

  • What happens when my tenant moves out?

    Once you have provided Insite with the tenant’s move out details, Insite will update the secondary account holder level from occupied to void. You will still remain as the main account holder.

  • What if there is a credit on the hub when my tenant leaves?

    If there is any credit left on the hub then this will remain on the hub unless the tenant requests a refund.

  • What if there is a debt on the hub when my tenant leaves?

    When your tenant leaves and the secondary account is closed, any pending debt on the active balance will be transferred to the debt balance. This means that your new tenant will start off with a zero balance but the debt will still remain on the meter.

    As the leaseholder, this debt balance will need to be paid by yourself. Insite will send you a notification once the secondary account is closed requesting payment on the final balance via email and/or a phone call. This balance is payable within one week after which the balance is recovered by the current tenant at a recovery rate of 25 per cent. This means that every time they make a top up, 25% of the payment will be used to recover the debt balance. If the active balance on the hub goes to -£5.00 then the heat/hot water supply will be turned off.

  • What happens when the property is void?

    You will need to pay for any void charges while your property is void. You can do this by either topping up the hub or allowing the hub to go into negative mode and paying off this balance once you have a new tenant.

  • What if I live abroad?

    If you have sublet your property and passed this onto a managing agent then you will remain the primary account holder but can authorise the agent to provide tenancy details on your behalf. You can provide authorisation by informing your property management officer.