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A home to call your own

We'll guide you if you need help extending your lease, seeking independent advice and more

As a homeowner, you don't own the building in which your flat is located. This is owned by the landlord, or freeholder, and leased to you. There are certain rights and responsibilities set out in your lease and referenced in your homeowner's guide

What is leasehold?

'Leasehold' refers to any property where a lease has been issued by the owner of the land (the freeholder) that allows another party (you, the homeowner) to occupy part of a property, such as a flat. In most cases we are the freeholder, with some exceptions where an individual or organisation has issued a head lease to us, and we have in turn issued a lease to you. 

What is a lease?

When you bought a Shared Ownership or other leasehold property through us, you purchased a (residential) lease. A lease is a tenancy agreement for a term of 21 years or more. It grants you, the leaseholder, the exclusive right to occupy your home for a set term (usually 99 or 125 years), provided you comply with the conditions, known as 'covenants', it contains. It also sets out your and the freeholder's obligations to one another. For example, it includes the terms of payment of your service charge and the freeholder's repair responsibilities. A lease gives you more security of tenure than renting privately on a standard tenancy. 

More about your lease

Your property management officer

Your property management officer (PMO) is your main point of contact with us. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your PMO via My Account with questions or concerns. While your PMO may change at times, we'll aim to provide consistent, uninterrupted service.

Your PMO is responsible for arranging repairs to the communal areas, setting budgets, inspecting your building or estate, and much more. He or she is often out of the office on property visits and may not be able to respond to enquiries immediately, but will work to respond to phone calls within 24 hours and emails within five working days.

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