Our responsibility

  • We will repair your heating system if it breaks down
  • Repair radiators and storage heaters
  • Repairs to the gas installations such as boiler and pipework (not including appliances)
  • Electrical repairs (not including electrical appliances)
  • Water leaks from heating system
  • Faulty plug sockets
  • Faulty light switches and fittings
  • Hard-wired doorbells
  • Hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Electrical hazards.

Your responsibility

We will provide your home with a heating system, which is safe and provides adequate heat.
You are responsible for:
  • Allowing access for gas service at your property if there is a gas supply to your home
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Painting radiators.
Important: Any repairs to gas installations such as cookers or gas fires should be carried out by a certified Gas Safe engineer. You should follow up on the Gas Safety engineer advice, to ensure your safety when such installations are at the property.