Temporary housing

We offer temporary homes to people who are waiting to be placed in general needs housing by their local council.

We lease properties from private landlords across London to provide high quality homes for our temporary housing tenants.

What we offer

We provide our temporary housing residents with a clean, well-maintained home. Our housing officers visit regularly to check in with tenants.

Who's eligible?

To be placed in temporary housing, you need to be nominated to us by your local authority. You will need to register with your council directly. They will assess your needs and nominate you to us, if one of our properties is suitable.


Most of our tenants receive housing benefit to help cover costs.

Moving home

You can stay in temporary housing until:

  1. Your lease runs out
  2. You are placed in permanent rented housing by your local authority
  3. You choose to leave
  4. You breach the conditions of your tenancy.

Please note that there may be exceptions to the above situations. Read more about moving home.


Already living in our temporary housing?