You can use the Locata choice-based lettings scheme to transfer to another property. 

We only have a small number of properties available for customers to transfer to through Locata and it can take several years to move home this way. Swapping your home through mutual exchange is normally the quickest and easiest way to move.

Locata is used by many councils and housing associations in West London, and lets you 'bid' for a new available property to rent. Full details of how to bid can be found on Locata Home - How it works. Your housing officer can help you with any part of the process.

Everyone on Locata is assigned to one of four priority bands (A, B, C or D) based on their housing need. The person with the highest priority is the person in band A who has been registered for the longest time. The person with the lowest priority is the person in band D who has registered mostly recently.

Logging onto Locata home

When logging in or signing up to the Locata website, you will be asked to select a 'partner' (landlord). Previously you could choose either NHH or Genesis but that has now changed to Notting Hill Genesis (NHG). 


You can use Homefinder to bid for vacant properties owned by both us and other registered housing associations.

This scheme covers properties in London and the rest of the UK, so is really useful if you're looking to move to a different part of the country. You can register through the website and the process is quick and simple; if you do have any difficulties contact your housing officer who will be happy to help.

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