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Turnberry Court

At Turnberry Court in Greenford, Ealing we offer dementia and mental health care, support for people with learning disabilities and general services for older people.




Dementia care

Local area

We promote independence for our residents and work closely with businesses and organisations in the area to meet cultural needs, such as visits to church and temple, or access to a delicious Caribbean menu.

Turnberry Court has close access to local amenities such as Ealing Hospital and Greenford Broadway.

  • Southall, 2 miles
  • Hanwell, 2.1 miles
  • Park, 0.7 miles
  • Shopping, 0.9 miles

About Turnberry Court


The building is made up of 40 self-contained flats. Our residents have full use of recreational areas, including a garden room, lounge, dining room and greenhouse. These area host in-house social activities on a daily basis, supporting the social life of our residents and adding variety to their daily routines.


Find out more

All applications for residency must go through your local council.

Contact your council


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