Who’s eligible?

Your eligibility is determined by your local authority. Please contact your local council to learn which housing options are available to you, whether you are looking for general needs housing or specialist sheltered housing for older people. The council will assess your needs and nominate you to one of our properties if it is suitable.

We often house people who have found themselves in a difficult situation. They may be:

  • On a low income
  • Homeless, or without a secure tenancy or fixed address
  • Living in inadequate housing conditions
  • Living in conditions that are seriously damaging to health
  • Suffering from harassment
  • Suffering racial harassment
  • Separated from family because of a marital breakdown or domestic violence
  • Needing to downsize from their current home, and/or requiring more support to remain independent due to ageing or because of chronic ill health
  • Needing specialist support to live independently with a range of needs, such as enduring mental health conditions, a learning disability or young people leaving care


The cost depends on borough and size of property but is less than the market rate. We always check affordability of properties before we allow new residents to sign up with us.

Where will I be housed?

We have properties all across London. Where you are housed depends on the borough in which you apply for housing. Some types of property (such as family homes) are more likely to be available in outer London boroughs. Our more specialist supported housing is commissioned independently by local authorities so might not be available in every borough.

How long can I stay?

The length of time you are eligible to stay in a property depends on the type of tenancy you hold, commissioning timeframes of local authorities (for specialist supported housing) or partnerships we have with local landlords (temporary housing). If you are a new resident with us in general needs, you will usually sign a “probationary tenancy” of one year. This can be extended at the end of this period if you have fulfilled our expectations of living in the property (e.g. paid your rent on time and looked after the property).