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Penfold Street

Penfold Street has a specialist unit to support the needs of people with dementia, and also benefits from our Penfold Community Hub where residents can take part in a range of activities.


Dementia care

Local area

Located in the City of Westminster next to Edgware Road, this is a vibrant and diverse area with lots of cafes and shops. 

Explore Penfold Street

Entrance to Penfold Street
Penfold grounds
Penfold mezzanine

About Penfold Street

Specialist accommodation and care

Penfold Street has 54 apartments. We also have a specialist unit to suit the needs of people with dementia. We provide round-the-clock care and support as well as a range of stimulating activities.


We encourage our residents to use our Penfold Community Hub which offers a range of activities for older people in the local community.

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All applications for residency must go through the local council.

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