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15 Dec 2023

Universal credit - managed migration

Universal credit (UC) was introduced by the government in 2013. It combined six key legacy benefits like employment and support allowance and income support into one monthly payment. It includes living cost benefits and housing cost support if you rent your home.

Until recently, people on legacy benefits could remain on them, unless specific changes happened in their lives that meant they had to move onto UC. Now, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) wants everyone to make the move, so they are starting to transfer over anyone still on legacy benefits. This process is called ‘managed migration’.

The DWP are inviting different groups in turn to join the UC system. They do this by sending out a special letter inviting you to apply for it. If you are still on the legacy benefits, look out for this letter.

It’s important that you don’t move onto UC until you receive the managed migration letter, or your circumstances change.

When you receive the letter, you have three months to start your application and, if you move before the deadline date in your invitation letter, the DWP will ensure that your legacy benefit allowances are protected by something called transitional protection.

Any disability or health benefits you claim, like disability living allowance or personal independence payment, will continue.

Most UC claims are managed via an online account, however if you aren’t able to manage your claim online it is possible to have a telephone claim awarded. There will be more details in the letter you receive from the DWP.

There are lots of places to get support when you receive a managed migration letter.

If you are a Notting Hill Genesis resident and have any questions, please speak with your local officer who can check your query with our internal welfare benefits team.