Resident Annual Report2024 Nhg

27 Feb 2024

Our Residents Annual Report is published

Each year our residents produce their annual report looking at their progress and successes over the past 12 months.

A huge amount of work has gone into improving services, relationships and our communities, both by Notting Hill Genesis and our involved residents, which is reflected in the 2022/23 report.

Our residents’ report has focused on four key areas where joint working has made a real difference to their experience.

  • Annual visits: A project group of 12 residents looked at our process and made recommendations about communication, relationship-building and how to get most from the visit. Since then, satisfaction has risen from 82% to 90%.
  • Fire Risk Assessments: We often faced access issues when carrying out FRAs, and our asset management steering group helped create a new letter template that was easy to understand and made clear the importance of the checks. Since the letter were introduced, 100% of scheduled assessments have been completed.
  • Contractor code of conduct: Complaints about the behaviour of contractors had risen in the past year, so we spoke directly to a number of residents who had submitted complaints and their feedback allowed us to create an updated code of conduct, reinforced by robust contract management.
  • Faster payments: We sometimes make discretionary payments to residents, or need to refund credit on an account, and wanted to change the way we do this to make it quicker and easier. Residents carried out user testing on our new service – NatWest PayIt – and their feedback ensured the system was as efficient and clear as possible.

The report also sets out our new revised resident involvement offer, which is currently in consultation. We hope it will help us hear from a wider range of communities and perspectives, with a particular focus on engaging younger residents.

It has been a successful year, which is reflected in the report. It highlights that 79% of residents were satisfied with their involvement, that 240 of 277 resident recommendations made since January 2019 had been implemented by the end of 2022/23, and that 74% of recommendations made that year linked to three or more principles from the Together with Tenants charter.

Download the Residents' Annual Report