Elecrical Board Nhg

26 Mar 2024

New electrical safety contractors to improve our service

We’ve appointed new specialist electrical safety contractors to undertake electrical safety testing from the start of May 2024.

Changing electrical safety contractors should go some way to helping us achieve the vision set out in our Better Together corporate strategy and deliver on our customer outcomes of ensuring residents feel safe in their home and that we fix problems well and fast.

Safety remains our top priority. All our rented homes and communal areas require an electrical safety check, called an electrical installation condition report, every five years. We also carry out checks when there is a change of tenancy. These checks ensure electrical safety in areas we can’t always see, like making sure wiring is safe behind the wall. These contractors also carry out portable appliance testing and emergency lighting tests on our behalf.

From 1 May we will have three contractors providing this service, each assigned to a geographic region - RGE, Evans and Shea and Fixatex. Our new suppliers have been through an extensive procurement exercise to check they are able to deliver what we and our residents need and we’re confident they share our values and are committed to putting customer service first.

These companies offered the best overall value while also scoring highly on quality questions evaluating their capacity, experience and processes as well as how they will deliver consistent customer service and gain access to our homes and buildings.

In a better attempt to involve you in the services we offer, two of our involved residents helped us score the tenders. Those who took part gave great insight and ensured that residents voices were heard.