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26 Jul 2023

Working better together for our residents – our new corporate strategy

We’ve published a new three-year corporate strategy today. Called Better Together, it sets out our vision for improving the services and homes we provide, as well as the estates and places where our residents live.

It builds heavily on what customers have told us matters most to them and aims to unite everyone who works for us to deliver those priorities.

The new strategy clearly sets out our determination to shift our organisational focus so all of us are truly prioritising providing a great service to residents, our most important customers.

What’s in the strategy

The strategy includes three core priorities:

  • Better connections – getting closer to our residents to ensure we reconnect more fully and address their legitimate concerns by listening actively and empathetically and see our services from their point of view
  • Better homes – we want all our residents to have a safe, warm, comfortable home where they can enjoy life and we need to make improvements of one sort or another to the majority of our homes to achieve that
  • Better places – recognising that a sense of community plays a crucial role in our residents’ overall experience, we will manage our estates in a holistic, tenure-blind way that meets the needs both of residents and the local community

Those priorities are underpinned by three cross-cutting themes covering the people who work for us, our finances and value for money, and making the most of technology, digital transformation and data-driven decisions. Those themes are critical to enabling our Better Together ways of working and delivering the core priorities.

A new vision and mission

We have taken the opportunity to revise our vision and mission so that they better reflect our refreshed focus on putting residents truly at the centre of everything we do. Our values will remain, although we need to do more work to ensure they inform behaviours and are clearly visible in everything we say and do.

Our new vision is ‘Making London Home’, recognising that our future efforts will be concentrated mainly on the capital. We’ve done our best to talk to stakeholders and customers outside London ahead of publishing our new strategy to explain the rationale for our refocus on the capital and how we’ll manage the transfer of services in those locations to new providers over the next few years.

Our new vision is ‘working better together for our residents’, reflecting the culture shift we need to achieve to deliver what matters most to our customers. 

What happens next

We are already working hard to deliver better connections, better homes and better places. Although we have some way to go, sharing our Better Together plans publicly is a significant milestone.

Over the next few months, we’ll tell you more about how we’re getting on. More importantly, we hope those of you who live with us will start to experience improvements directly, and will see that we are truly working better together for our residents.