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24 Oct 2023

Keeping on top of damp and mould this winter

We are committed to ensuring all our residents live in safe, warm and comfortable homes where they can enjoy their lives to the full.

Preventing cases of damp and mould in the first place, and dealing swiftly with instances as soon as they arise, are core to that commitment.

That’s especially important as we move into the cooler winter months, when cases of damp and mould generally increase.

This winter, we’ll be building on work completed earlier in the year to ensure all colleagues are clear about what they need to do to prevent damp and mould and address any issues as soon as they arise.

What we’ve done so far

  • Published a new policy outlining our approach to dealing with damp and mould and making it clearer what you can expect from us if you have damp and mould in your home
  • Set up a special phone number so you can report cases of damp and mould quickly
  • Added ‘damp and mould’ as a new option on the drop-down menu in the complaints area of MyAccount, making it easier for you to tell us about cases of damp and mould in your home and for us to pick those up quickly
  • Trained all our local officers so they know how to spot damp and mould at an early stage and what to do when a case is reported to deal with it as quickly as possible
  • Updated our leaflet about steps to take to reduce the risk of damp and mould in your home with input from a special resident group

Find out more

You’ll find lots of useful information in the repairs section of our website, including:

  • Causes of damp and mould and how to reduce the risk
  • How we can help if you have damp and mould in your home
  • How we’ve involved residents to improve our approach

Tackling damp and mould together - involving residents

Earlier this year we set up a damp and mould working group with residents to improve our service and better support residents.

Over the course of several months the group met with senior colleagues at Notting Hill Genesis to review, improve and update our damp and mould policy and produce up-to-date and helpful guidance.

The group involved seven residents and is a great example of how we can build a better service together with residents.

After the success of this working group, we’re keen to open more opportunities for residents to get involved and help shape Notting Hill Genesis. For more information on similar opportunities in the future please get in touch with the resident involvement team.

“Getting involved with the damp and mould project group was an excellent way of making sure Notting Hill Genesis delivers a better service to residents like myself. Over the course of five meetings, we co-created a new leaflet about damp and mould and directly fed into an updated policy on this subject. It was important and good to see that Notting Hill Genesis took this work seriously and committed both the time of senior staff and the financial resources to make it a success. I would highly recommend any curious or interested residents to get involved in similar working groups in the future as it’s a fantastic way to help shape the service NHG provides and have a say about your community’s needs.”

Mary Burke, resident