Energy Debt Wiped

06 Jun 2024

Energy debt worth £23,000 wiped for our residents

We’ve helped secure funding to support social housing residents struggling to pay their household energy bills. 

The cost of living and rising energy costs have been an increasing worry for our tenants, with many struggling to pay their rent, utilities and even food bills.   

Given the on-going cost-of-living crisis, more residents need a source of support.   

To help alleviate some of this stress, we were able to access grants through social housing charity HACT, where they contribute up to £1,000 towards tackling energy debt per struggling household.    

The pot for this fund is £200,000, with 97 other housing providers also having access. 

We worked hard to get as much support as possible for our residents, and as a result we were able to secure and pay off £23,551.92 worth of energy debt, helping 39 residents in all. 

Although the fuel hardship fund is now closed, other support is available to help residents with their energy debt. If you have any questions, please contact your housing officer – or you can get in touch with for more information.