15 Jun 2023

Benefit entitlement for students

Do you have children who are due to being sixth form, college or university this autumn? Or are you a resident who is considering returning to full-time education?

If so – here are a few tips to ensure any changes to educational status in your home does not affect any support you may receive from Housing Benefits, Universal Credit or Child Benefit.

Teenage students – Years 11, 12 & 13

If your children are planning to attend sixth form or college, make sure Child Benefits are made aware of this so payment for your child continues. This also applies to Universal Credit if you want to keep the child element connected to your payments.

For those receiving support from Housing Benefits, make sure you update the benefits department in your borough. You will need to submit proof that you still receive child benefits, as well as a letter from your child’s school/college to prove their enrolment.

Teenage students – on a full-time university course.

To avoid any deductions to your Housing Benefit, make sure you update the benefits department in your borough with proof of your child’s enrolment at university. The university’s student services team are able to issue these letters.

If you receive support via Universal Credit and your child is going to be away from home during term time, then update Universal Credit that your child is away at university for their course but that their main residence remains your home. Doing so will avoid deductions from the benefits entitlement linked to the child.

In both cases, no non-dependent deduction or bedroom tax will be applied.

Being a full-time university student AND a resident

The benefits and support available for mature students who are also residents will vary depending on individual situations. You may get no support at all during term time and get some during the summer break.

This is because your student loan will be viewed as income and will be used to adjust the level of living and housing costs support you receive. You can check how taking out a student loan will affect your benefits using this online benefits checker.

If you have any questions, please speak with your local officer who can check your query with our internal welfare benefits team.