What's happening now

Work is now beginning on site to deliver the first phase of a new masterplan for Grahame Park which received planning permission in July 2020. As part of the planning application, detailed planning consent was agreed for 209 affordable homes and a small supermarket on a site just north of Heybourne Park.

Demolition of the site is now nearing completion and early works to prepare the site are due to commence later this year to support the construction of the new homes which are scheduled to complete late 2023. At the same time, designs are also getting underway to inform the next phase of regeneration on Grahame Park for 375 new homes, a new community centre, a new housing office, new shops, a café and high quality landscaping and play features. We intend to submit a planning application for this area early in the new year.

Whilst much of the next phase will be based on the scheme that was granted outline planning permission in July 2020, as we begin working on more of the detail we will be coming out to talk to residents, community groups and wider stakeholders throughout autumn and winter (Covid restrictions allowing) so look out for us at the Old Library and out in the community.

For further information about the regeneration please contact grahamepark@nhg.org.uk

Consultation boards

Below you can view the current and previous consultation boards for the Grahame Park Regeneration.

Plot 9 consultation boards

Notting Hill Genesis are developing exciting new plans for the site known as plot 9, which is the hoarded area just opposite the council building on the corner of Grahame Park Way and Bristol Avenue. The proposal is to build a welcoming space for residents and visitors to enjoy a coffee, discover more about the regeneration and showcase the new homes and facilities, as well as allowing space for community and enterprise activities and events. The building will be no more than two storeys, will include a landscaped area and is expected to be on the site for around 10 years to be a key focal point for the next stage of the regeneration. If you want to find out more our team are going to be on the square outside the Council’s office on Thursday 31 March between 3pm and 6pm to show emerging plans and capture comments and ideas on the proposals. If you are not able to attend then please have a look at the Plot 9 consultation boards below and fill out the feedback form or email us at grahamepark@nhg.org.uk if you have any view on the plans you’d like to share with us. We are planning to submit a planning application in the summer where there will be further opportunities to review the plans and make.


December 2021: Phasing, Public realm and landscape, the Community Centre, Design of Plots H&K buildings

September 2021: Phasing, Public realm and landscape, the Community Centre

August 2021: Reminder of the masterplan, introduction to the area of focus for the first RMA, non-residential elements and landscape being provided in Plots H&K

July 2019: Grahame Park summer festival Final exhibition prior to the submission of the planning application. Summary of masterplan and phase 1 proposals.

May 2019: Phasing, transport, sustainability, choice of homes, appearance of Phase 1, Non-residential uses in the masterplan

March 2019: Introduction to the new project team and our goals for the regeneration