Marcus Garvey Mews consists of 33 homes in South London, which have historically been cold to live in, and expensive to heat.  Built in the 90s, many homes had low levels of loft insulation, and old, inefficient electric heating.  As a result, homes had the lowest energy performance certificate band of G.  

In 2023, we worked with residents to embark on a comprehensive renovation project. The primary goal was to increase comfort and reduce fuel bills.

The project included the installation of air source heat pumps to most homes (23 out of 33), alongside other improvements designed to make homes warmer such as windows, doors, and loft insulation. Solar panels have been installed to maximise bill reductions, providing free electricity for appliances in homes and to further reduce the cost of heating.

Residents took an active role in the renovation works and were able to choose their heating system, with most people opting for an air source heat pump.

Lots of residents have been really pleased with results of the work, and are now enjoying warmer homes with reduced bills. New windows have stopped draughts and the loft insulation has made homes feel cosier in winter.

"We feel enormously grateful for the effectiveness of the improvements. Not only are we all a lot warmer but our heating costs have been reduced considerably."

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