London living rent FAQs

  • Am I eligible?

    You may be eligible if:

    • Your annual household income is £60,000 below
    • You live or work in London
    • You're unable to buy a home, including shared ownership, in the local area
    • You meet the minimum income, which varies depending on property
    • You do not have any adverse credit issues such as Defaults, CCJ's or declared bankrupt.
      Full eligibility and suitability criteria are sent with the application.
  • How do I apply?
    • Click on the express your interest in one of the development pages
    • Complete the enquiry form
    • You will be sent an application form and further information
  • What happens next?
    • Your application will be reviewed to confirm you meet the eligibility criteria for the development you have expressed interest in
    • The team will let you know when your application has been accepted, subject to documents being received. You will be sent a budget planner to be completed as well as information about the documents required.
    • Your documents are then reviewed alongside your application to confirm the information supplied on the application corresponds with the documents.
    • A basic affordability check will be carried out to confirm you are able to pay rent and save sufficiently towards a deposit to buy a home.
    • You'll be assessed by an independent financial advisor who will look at whether you're able to purchase a home and the steps you'll need to take.
    • One of our housing officers will chat to you so you can agree how much you could save each month, based on the information you gave us. Together you'll agree how much you could save each month and this agreement is added to your tenancy agreement to be used in your annual review.
    • When properties become available, they will be allocated based on priorities as agreed with the local authority and us.
    • You’ll pay your deposit and first month’s rent, sign the tenancy agreement and move in to your new home.



  • How long does the process take?

    The full process generally takes at least four weeks. This does depend on all documents being received and volumes of application. We'll aim to keep you updated throughout.

  • When can I view the property?

    Viewings will be offered once you are referred to the independent financial advisor (IFA).

  • How much will I need to save each month?

    This will depend on the property you choose and your circumstances. You will agree this during the pre-tenancy meeting with your housing officer.

  • Do you keep my savings?

    No, you will look after your savings but we'll need to see your monthly savings on a regular basis throughout your tenancy.

  • How much is the deposit?

    The deposit is equivalent to one month's rent. 

  • What happens at the end of the tenancy?

    Each year throughout your tenancy, we will meet with you to understand if you are meeting your goals. This will help us explain options for the end of the tenancy.

  • Can I buy the property I live in?

    You will have the option to purchase your home. Notting Hill Genesis also has shared ownership homes across London. If you find something more suitable, you can apply to buy there.

  • What is the process to purchase my home?

    When you come to purchase the property, you need to arrange a valuation which will determine the current purchase price. There will be a minimum share that has to be purchased, which would also be confirmed upon purchase enquiry.

  • Can I end my tenancy early?

    Yes, you can. Your tenancy agreement will tell you what you need to do to end your tenancy.

  • Are bills included with my rent?

    Only the service charge is included in your rent, you will be responsible for all other household bills.

  • Can I have pets?

    We do have pet friendly developments however you will need to get this approved and there may be an additional charge. 

  • Is parking available?

    Parking availability will depend on the development. It is usually limited to larger family properties.

  • Are the properties furnished?

    No, the properties will be unfurnished.

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