London Living Rent

If you want to buy a home of your own but are unable to save a deposit because you are renting elsewhere, then a London Living Rent home with Notting Hill Genesis could be the answer.

By offering low rent, London Living Rent allows you to save every month towards the deposit for the purchase of your own home. You will be offered the opportunity to either purchase your London Living Rent home through shared ownership, have a higher priority on any other Notting Hill Genesis shared ownership property or choose to purchase elsewhere.

We have London Living Rent homes available now with more coming later in the year. 

Do you fancy a £500 boost to your savings?

In October, London Living Rent at Notting Hill Genesis is offering a £500 bonus to all applicants starting their tenancy within four weeks. This could mean that starting your tenancy in October or November will get you £500 in December.

Have a look at the properties we have on offer below and register your interest for further information. Terms & conditions apply.

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