The Exchange: Partnership board

We’ve set up a new group to help ensure closer and more collaborative working between residents at the Exchange and Notting Hill Genesis. The group is used to share information and discuss issues across the site that are important to you.

The group is part of a partnership agreement that we’ve been working on with your tenant and resident association (TRA). It’s one of several strands of work to address the various issues you’ve experienced over several years, which have at times made your homes and community difficult places to live.

The group meets on a monthly basis and is made up of residents and senior colleagues from Notting Hill Genesis. If you would like to get involved, please contact the TRA on or

We are publishing the minutes of each partnership board meeting here so you can keep up to date on what was discussed and keep an eye on the progress of any actions arising.

Meeting minutes

25 April 2023 meeting notes

30 January 2023 meeting notes

5 December 2022 meeting notes

31 October 2022 meeting notes 

Current open actions

Ref Detail Action generated date Deadline Status
4 Submit application to formalise TRA 31 October 2022 Best endeavours  Open
  Provide an estimate of when required documents will be submitted 30 January 2023 17 February 2023 Open
18 Following the survey present to the Partnership Board on scope of works and surveyor’s opinion on if any works would be deemed above normal wear and tear for a scheme 8 years old 5 December 2022   Open
20 Repairs data to be provided monthly, the next report will provide a more comprehensive overview of emergency repairs and confirm the number of outstanding repairs that are older than 3 months 5 December 2022 Next partnership board Open
  Updated repairs data to be provided at next PB 30 January 2023 14 March 2023 Open
  NHG to provide raw data covering repairs older than three months 30 January 2023 14 March 2023 Open
22 Emily to become PB chair and will think about and approach any relevant contacts to join as independent members 5 December 2022   Open
  Draft a short document outlining what the PB are looking for in an independent member 30 January 2023 14 March 2023 Open
30 NHG to provide a response to the request for NHG to cover costs of HIU replacement, to clarify whether all HIUs would be replaced or just those which were not functioning correctly and how the costs would be apportioned if service charged 30 January 2023 14 March 2023 Open
31 Send through dates where there were heating and HW outages and SP to confirm reasons for specific outages 30 January 2023 10 February 2023 Open
35 PB to confirm how they will engage with residents across the estate 30 January 2023 14 March 2023 Open
36 PB to confirm steps for bringing in a tenant representative 30 January 2023 14 March 2023 Open
37 NHG to confirm estimated start date for landscaping works and to distribute the scope to the PB and wider residents 30 January 2023 17 February 2023 Open

You can see a list of all completed actions here.